Music has always been a source of emotional expression, the external release of trauma and emotion, the word of culture’s beauties, and more. Not only does music, whether playing the violin, drums, or singing and rapping, help people explore, learn, and tap into the human need for creative expression – but it helps heal. Science has proven that people with autism respond positively to music. Even those with Alzheimer’s have, in some cases, been able to remember things from their past, providing them with positive memories and temporary experiences of happiness. Music therapy is natural. Unfortunately, as our school systems have often been improperly funded, music and art programs have slowly minimized or vanished. With that, so has the opportunities for more creative and emotional expression. 


With a thriving industry (music) often exploiting black artists, technology and social media has made it possible for an independent artist to thrive again through streams, create massive audiences whom they can offer wholesome products with positive messages, and for those seeking larger audiences, the ability to own their masters and acquire real wealth. Individuals like Master P (well-known music artist, business owner, and philanthropist) are living examples of overcoming trauma and using music to impact positively. Starting from music as an expression, he has walked into real estate and owns numerous businesses, from a record label to a film production company with several successful movies.  He owns companies that create and sell potato chips, pancake mix, syrup, noodles, energy drinks, and more. His children are entrepreneurs, and he still chooses to teach business and speak at events to show young men how to make an impact and generate wealth legally. With the right resources and ability to be creative, young men can use music, in any form, to create a positive impact that exceeds the initial love for making music. Music production skills can lead individuals into audio editing and mastering fields, commercial production, movie mastering, technical setup for events, etc. PTI wants students to understand that there are no limits to their potential – and being a famous musician is not the only way to enjoy music while changing your life and those of others.