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Solutionist and Author

He made a personal commitment of five years to solving America's systemic issues such as senseless violence, poverty, homelessness, and economic injustices. To address the problems, he has spent an average of 300 days in hotels each year. To fulfill the commitment, he toured the country under the names Campaign For Education, Black Men For Bernie, Value of A Life, iTHINK Solutions Tour, and the Opportunity Tour.  The Value of A Life Tour in 2019 confirmed his past researched that only opportunity will prevent crime. He then developed iTHINK as a solution to avoid violence and to deter crime. "Where there is no opportunity, there will be no civility."  Bruce Carter

iTHINK is an innovative solution to reduce, deter, and prevent crime by addressing the neighborhood, community, city,  or the county. As a public safety and quality of life initiative iTHINK provides a series of short term and long term programs with a community support system against violence to reduce crime due to poverty, and transforming mindsets through opportunity and economic development in hard to reach areas. 


Most importantly, iTHINK starts from within the community. Residents are provided the tools to stand with law enforcement in tackling issues currently sweeping through the city. Not exactly citizens-arrest, but residents will be able to securely provide the necessary information about crimes or other potentially violent behavior to select parties within the network, stamping out unsafe or illicit activities in the neighborhood. This web of support creates the understanding and action behind communities no longer tolerating criminal activities in the community.



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Committed to Education

We will provide opportunities for young men most likely to commit a crime or be the victim of a crime.

Researching and Writing


The mission of iTHINK is to create an anti-crime support system and working method of strategies as an effective means to restore local environments by increasing public safety and quality of life, starting in Dallas, Texas, and expanding to other national cities as needed. Consisting of local residence, law enforcement, and local businesses, the iTHINK initiative is created to be self-sustaining in any region. 

Through a proactive network of equipped individuals, iTHINK seeks to minimize negative outcomes before they occur or before they can escalate, and gather appropriate and accurate information into any occurrences.  

Benefits / Advantages  

  • Innovative Solution

  • Deterrent/Prevention Measures

  • Addresses public safety and economic development in hard to reach areas.

  • Provides a physiological thought that causes an individual with criminal intent to think twice

  • Feeder Program for new law enforcement 

  • iTHINK was developed for Dallas based on primary data relative to the mindset and behavior of those that live in Dallas. 

Target Demographic

  • Local Youth, Male, and Female (ages 16-20)

  • Neighborhood Leaders and Well-Known Residence (ages 18-65)

  • Local Law Enforcement 

  • Local Business Owners


1. Create/Identify initial local support system of individuals and provide them w/ necessary tools to maintain a safer neighborhood, with a successful rollout of the technology for Phase 1 and Phase 2.


a.) Establish all local iTHINK personnel within each district in supported city/town, equip group with associated technology and training for documenting and submitting incidences, personal development, etc. in 1 dedicated city (Dallas) within the first year of operation (expected to double by Year 3).

b.) Establish 24/7 hotline for general public to access support for help and complete the development of iTHINK web application v1.0 within 2-3 months before full-scale program launch.

2. Maintain a year-round community of supporting businesses, while partnering and building with existing government, and non-government entities in the region to expand growth and related capacities, with start of Phase 3 requirements.


a.) Maintain support of at least 140 businesses, or minimum of 10 per district in any city, who are willing to engage iTHINK through direct donations, subscriptions as Loyal Community Supporter, assist in any unique campaigns, place Urban Watch Cameras at and/or around business, etc., within one year of program launch.

b.) Develop a self sustaining group of individuals willing to join a local support team of iTHINK participants interested in learning and/or teaching skills including, but not limited to the following: 

c.) basics in information retrieval, evaluation, and packaging; financial literacy; critical-thinking; cpr/first-aid certifications; environmental/fire safety; situation awareness, and more, within the first 6 months of program launch with active participation of trainers and course completion by trainees by minimum of 80% after the first year of program launch.

3. Experience massive decrease in the rate of various criminal activities throughout the entire city within first year of initial launch, with increase in positive relations between community residents and law enforcement.


a.) Minimize top eight (8) most active crimes within select City of Dallas by a minimum of 15% each, over the course of 2 years, with intentions to reduce other additional crimes by a minimum of 10-15% within the first 2 years of the program. 

b.) Complete a local survey of sentiment throughout initiative to gain an understanding of feelings and behavior to improve relations between residents and law enforcement. Survey will check sentiment of residents towards local authorities, and vice versa, to find ways to enhance relations, help authorities become more understanding and empathetic of issues and circumstances, etc. 

Initial surveys will take place:

  • Before official public launch of iTHINK  

  • After 6 months

  • After 12 months

  • After 20 months 

  • After 30 months


(1) Data & Information Generators (DIG) captures data through pictures and video of criminal activities or potential criminal activities.

(2) Community Information Analyst (CIA) receive, assess, and transfer credible information to The District Connector. 

(3) The District Information Connector (DIC) packages the information up and delivers it to the assigned police division. Follows up to ensure action was taken by police. The connector will also be required to follow up with law enforcement to ensure that each report is thoroughly investigated.

Available Services

Financial Literacy Administrators will distribute small grants to those local residential participants who have shown interest and course completion of financial literacy training offered through their apartment and/or other housing authority.

Licensed Professional Counselors will be made available for local residents who are or may not be direct iThink participants, but have witnessed a crime or an act of violence, and need support.


An iTHINK Project Manager, along with one iTHINK Assistant Project Manager will maintain operational procedures within a locality. iTHINK System Techs will report to the Project Managers, along with all other associated team members. 

    Participation Requirements:

  • All participants are required to be residents of the select city and have been a resident for at least 6 months. 

  • All youth must have parental consent and a completed registration form;

  • All individuals (youth/adult) must keep member identity code provided at sign-up;

  • All individuals are expected to complete at minimum one entire training course upon membership. After 3 incomplete programs, member must wait 3 months before gaining access to select courses. 

  • Members may participate in as many programs as there are available and as needed. 

  • If all courses for membership completion are full, interested participants will have to wait until the next cycle;

  • All participants must sign a confidentiality agreement to not reveal their identity and/or that of another participant they may have knowledge of;